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Grumpy (LQD)

Miami, FL, USA

Shawn Rubens

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Aleja Sanchez

Bogota, Colombia


Galway, Ireland

Andy Soemers

Aruba, NL

Jonny Calypso

Engen, Germany

Jeff Keenan

Boston, United States


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Anton Stellz

Saratov, Russia

De-Fine Digital

United Kingdom

Thomas A.S.

North of Italy


Prignitz, Germany


Los Angeles, CA, USA




Münster, Germany

De-Fine Digital De-Fine Digital
Based in the UK, Nathan Gardner created the alias De-Fine Digital in 2008 in conjunction with the release of his first EP "Infamous" on Drops by LQD Inc. His mission is pure and simple ... to create original, engaging yet challenging underground music rather than join the ever present commercial dance scene. He has gone on to produce and release numerous EP's including the well received, "Slow Down EP" which has been charted, aired and performed by a select cast of different artists.
Nathan has played at numerous UK venues (including Sankeys,The Attic & Sub 61) proving that underground music does attract audiences. His tracks have been played on such radio shows as the Blindspot Show (Preston FM) and,TECH Drops (DI.FM).
Needless to say Nathan's work has attracted attention and promoted the identity of De-Fine Digital resulting in him presenting mixes for Death Techno podcasts (SOE.FM), W.A.S.T Podcasts (FNOOB), Banging Techno Sets (FNOOB) as well as Tech Drops (DI.FM).

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Shawn Rubens Shawn Rubens
As a DJ, Shawn Rubens has been doing his thing for over a decade, performing on many club nights and events, mainly in Holland and Germany.  During those years he hasn't only become a solid and experienced DJ, also his tracks have become powerful and crisp. His style?  A blend of progressive techno, house and tech-house with a twist, where Rotterdam and Berlin collide.

Besides spinning and producing, Shawn Rubens also has his own ideas when it comes to organizing events. As the creative mind behind the Afterling afterparty's he is doing his part in shaping the Rotterdam nightlife, based on not only style of music, but love, respect, atmosphere, and original design and decoration as important ingredients.

After getting signed by Drops in 2009,  his list of releases and remixes grew and he soon became one of the leading artists with the label. Alter-ego's: Gimli, The Aelias. Nowadays, his tracks and remixes are supported by, just to name a few, Sander Kleinenberg, Dubfire, Luis Junior, Paco Osuna, Richie Hawtin, Danny Tenaglia, John Digweed and Andy Newland, so keep an ear and eye out for this multi-talented artist.

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Jonny Calypso Jonny Calypso
You might ask yoursefl "Who the Fuck is Jonny Calypso?" Born Manuel Palmitesta in the South Germany to a big Italian-German Family, the moniker Jonny Calypso is a product of his crazy life.

Having grown into a family of musicians from his father side, both uncle and father were renowned musicians from Italy in the mid 80's, Jonny was well exposed in to music from classical to popular music of that time. At a very young age, and as can only be expected, he learns his way around the keyboards and drums with the sole intention to play his rendition of groups like KLF, Snap and Run DMC.

By his teen years in the 90's, he moves on into fronting as a singer in several Rock bands and Hip Hop groups, learning and absorbing musical knowledge and comprehension of all kinds of music. It was soon there after he discovers his true musical calling in the Electronic Music Industry, leading to the end result we all know as Jonny Calypso.

Starting his DJ career at the end of the 90's in small clubs and pubs, Jonny decides to take a break to asses where and what he should do next. It was not until 2007 that we see his return to the decks. But once again, he finds himself not yet satisfied.

In 2008, after meditation and trying to find what it was he was missing, is when he realizes that not only does he has the need for beats manipulation, but he has the dire craving for bringing out his own sound, which is the reflection and expression as to who he really is and because..... Music is life, Music Is Jonny Calypso.

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Andy Soemers Andy Soemers
Andy Soemers is one of the first artist signed to the imprint in its early days and is still our Techno mastermind today. Born and raised in Aruba, Andy showed signs from an early age to have a abstract visual of the world. Trying to explain what he saw, he started painting and sketching symbols referring to religion, music, tribal and many more things that catches the eye. It was at the age of 16 that he discovered progressive house music in the nightlife of Aruba and changed his life. From then on Andy has always been mesmerized by the strange melodies on can create with this kind of music.

It wasn't until a few years later when he followed his studies in The Netherlands that he became more aware of all the kinds of music that exists in this genre. Here Andy found his true love in Techno. Andy then began DJ-ing as a hobby at different house parties with friends to expand his knowledge on techno music. After a few years of mixing other DJ stuff, Andy decided to start making his own music based on what sounds he always liked. He began experimenting with techno music and this went on to grow as what we now today as Minimal Techno. In Andy's songs one can hear various sounds that resemble what he always thought about the world by naming every beat an element of life.

Most of his inspiration comes from deep within and Andy expresses them as a dark and mysterious. Being what he often calls himself "The Joker", his music resembles his unique style with obscure gaps that plays and sometimes flips your mind. Andy has never lost his love for the underground and old style of techno by which he always tries to combine it in his own songs. With Andy's music one can always expect the unexpected. I'd say be aware…

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DiMarco DiMarco
Co- Founder of Liquid Inc, Co-Director incharge of Europe operations, Managing director for Ploinq conceptual & Thematic events, Co-Director of New Projects & Recruit for Drops Label, DiMarco, also known as Marco Vrugt, was born in Heidelberg, Germany in 1977. At the age of three he moved with his Dutch parents to the Netherlands where his passion for electronic music started when he was only 12 years old, when he received a cassette tape full of Acid House and Detroit Techno back in 1989. From that moment on, the beats were instantly a consistent factor in his life.
Gradually over time his dreams expanded and in 1998 he started spinning with friends who shared his passion. A year later he moved to Aruba and became a resident DJ in The Music Factory, known as one of the hottest clubs of Aruba. After that he performed in several clubs in Canada, UK and Holland.
Ever evolving, his style these days is more techy and minimalistic, DiMarco has definitely a style of his own; his long fluent mixes full of energy, funky beats and dark melodic grooves, make him an artist which can not be defined as unilateral but rather captivating and breathtaking. Di- Marco explains; "My mixes are long and deep as I want to bring people into my world. I'm telling them a story when I spin, I like to take the crowd on a journey, with ups and downs, but always with lots of energy. After all, they do come to dance..."
DiMarco is constantly looking for new ways to complement his love for music. Now he is using 4 decks & FX and another new exciting chapter has come; it was time for him to get in the studio and so currently DiMarco is producing his own music. His style is not easy to categorize since it is a mix of deep, funky, minimalistic and experimental house and techno.
There is more to say about this enterprising artist; DiMarco also performs live together with fellow DJ/producer Jorick Croes as the duo Croes & DiMarco. Together they take minimal house and techno (or Ouze) to the next level. In 2008 DiMarco became part of MProductionz, MProductionz is a group of talented DJ/ producers, which also organizes their own events.

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Aleja Sanchez Aleja Sanchez
Aleja Sanchez is a Colombian artist born in Bogota. Solfège, music sheets, and the instruction of the music director of the Philharmonic of Bogotá, from which she was part during her childhood years, surrounded her beginnings in music.
Soon there after, and with the influence of artist such as Massive Attack, Moby, and the Argentineans of Narcotango, she began to search for new musical horizons, discovering her affinity for electronic and intelligent sounds. Her beginnings of the decks came when she was 15 years all and was guided by Colombian artist such as Fabio Alzate, Zur-face, Héctor Carrero, and Plastik.
Aleja's sets, filled with charisma and transparency, are based in minimal house sounds that reach to the highest of dubtechno, incorporating tech house, experimental effects, and groove. She has shared the decks with international Djs such as Inside Out , Kira Sivorova, Mirus Love, Andy Dabula, Rafael Markez, Nick Curly just to name a few.
Being a finalist in the 2007 Pioneer PRO DJ contest in Colombia gave her the opportunity to play on other Colombian cities like Cucuta, Cali, Pereira, Manizales, Cartagena, Santa Marta, and Bucaramanga, city where she was invited to play several times by one of the most important clubs, Lala Lounge, along side resident DJ Maurik.
Aleja's sounds were taken to a international level, when she played in the island of Margarita (Venezuela), and Panama City (Panama), as well as a forthcoming tour in Ecuador, where she plans to deliver a unique performance that competes with the best djs around the world. Aleja also has been a frequent guest in net radio Stations like Insomnia.FM and Pure.FM representing the her unique style in Liquid Inc shows. She is currently working on the production of Experimental, Minimal, and Minimal Tech music earning her an integral spot in the tech label Drops by Liquid Inc.

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Qugas Qugas
Gediminas Mickus a.k.a. Qugas was interested in music since he was a child, a very noisy child that never stopped singing and 'playing' on everything in his reach, from toy instruments to household equipment. At school he often took part in many music related shows and performances. There his adventure with DJ-ing started. At only 12 years of age Qugas participated in school DJ-ing contest, where he mixed his tracks recorded on analog tapes with a simple player. As the youngest contestant Qugas got the whole crowd moving to his music. He realized then that this is what he wants to do.
While still in Lithuania, Qugas organized and played on countless parties for his friends using mostly Tractor DJ software. This was not enough, he start to acquire the need to do more, this need gives birth to the producer we know today. As a producer he always had great attention to details, producing his own samples from scratch. He describes his sound as deep and minimalistic.
2005 the year that sees Qugas leave Lithuania and move to Ireland in the hopes of perfecting his art and grow as both Dj and Producer. As a DJ since his arrival in Ireland he has earned the recognition in Galway DJ scene playing in many private parties & local pubs. In his sets we can hear his predominant styles minimal and tech house fusion with great use of effects, loops and samples. In 2009 along with DJ Rais D (Latvia) and DJ Tatumba (Lithuania) he formes HOUSEWORX DJ Team. As a member of this project he is organizing and taking part in many events, including series of summer boat parties and countless gigs at local bars and clubs.
In 2010 Qugas growth as a taleneted producer earns him the opportunity of releasing his first remix on Liquid Inc's label Drops quickly followed by his Debut EP 'Mount Koya'. This all resulting in being invited as a full member of the Liquid Inc and one of its primary Releasing Artists.

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Jeff Keenan Jeff Keenan
A newcomer to the music scene, Jeff Keenan is rapidly gaining respect of some seasoned veterans in the industry. As a Boston native, Jeff is self-taught and self trained in music production, and is making strides each and every day to perfect his sound. Bending genres and setting moods that will set your mind off.

To say that Keenan likes to produce various genres is an understatement as his releases in 2010 will span from downtempo, house, tech house, techno, dubstep, electronica and minimal.

Jeff's DJ sets have been hailed by many as the ultimate selections, he digs deep and wide to find tracks from signed and unsigned artists, and programs with the best of them. May 2010 saw the first installment of Jeff's radio show "International Sundays on Mac Trax (Jeff Keenan & Friends)", which will showcase top international djs on a weekly basis. He has some major support on the show, and look for djs of various genres to grace the Sunday night airwaves.

So all in all, 2010 will be a great year for the newcomer with a string of EP's and remixes due out, you can bet Jeff will be putting his touch on whatever genre is your favorite. Only fitting Liquid Inc recruits this rising artist to joins its ranks.

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Killpixxie Killpixxie
Killpixxie a.k.a Rachella Maria B is a minimal techno DJ and producer who grew up in a small, rural farming community in northern Ontario. After taking numerous music lessons growing up, she started her journey into EDM in 1998 listening on television and online focusing on hard techno, minimal and house.

She started venturing into mixing and music production in 2008 before she was able to get into the local clubs, developing skills before being exposed to a live, performance environment.

After working on production and mixing in her spare time, she started to gain radio show spots in 2010 and her first EP Rural Roads released February 2011 climbed to the Top 10 Minimal Downloads on Beatport in 2 weeks. Her range between groovy minimal to eerie, dark techno sounds brings a twist of roof raising and melodic flavor to her mixes, remixes and production. Her charisma and distinctive sound make Killpixxie a name to look out for.

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Anton Stellz Anton Stellz
Anton Shokhin a.k.a Anton Stellz, a Russian Native, is yet another artist of the Liquid Inc Roster that has steadily proven himself to be a force to wrecken with....

Having no formal musical education or istruction, proves that this young producer has tremendous understanding in the conceptual art of Techno and Minimal Production Techneques. Constantly delivering high Levels of Production it was only fitting that the interest of labels such as Kritical Noice and Superbia Recordings would imminent.

Dominating the Techno/Minimal Ascpect of production Anton is now trying to just limit himself to that, knowing the constant and sudden evolution of the EDM industry as well as the importance of a versatile producer and DJ he now looks to expand his production techniques of expertise in other popular genres in the hopes of also developing further is unique styles reflecting his passion for all that is deep, tech and house genres.

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Heron Heron
Because Martin Spittel, Heron, has been shaped musically since his childhood, the influences were as diverse as music can be. On one side, there was his grandfather, who played various instruments, and to whom young Martin related closest to and whose influence still lasts until today. On the other side there were his cousins who were not much older than himself, enthusiastic about AC/DC, and band members themselves. Over the course of the following years, he explored the diversity of Black, Death and Trash Metal, EBM and Industrial, right up to Detroit Techno. Ever since then, Heron's environment served as compensation to fierce parties and expanding his musical horizon. This symbiosis from the love of nature and the musical influences from his early childhood are a direct reflection of Heron's entire life. Following the scream of the waders (limicoline birds), he moved to picturesque island Norderney in 2005. There, exploring the island's national park, he decided to live up to his enthusiasm about nature by going to study landscape ecology at the University of Münster. It turned out: The relocation to Münster was the initial spark for his career; the months in Norderney were inspiration for the name of his label "Limikola" which was founded in late 2008 and now enjoys enormous support by both DJs and fans. After launching his now very successful °Schaltkreis-parties with four friends in mid-2007, everything went quickly: His first own radio show "The Grasshopper Warbler", contacts to prominent players like Someone Else and Heartthrob, and finally the moment in early 2008 during the season's opening at Time Warp, when Richie Hawtin played all three tracks from Heron's Retro EP. It was merely his second EP, released on a netlabel (Minisome), and it became immediately successful. A knightly accolade. The two have been in touch regularly since. The journey that Heron started lead to his bombshell track "Welcome to the Adventure Club" that charted in the Beatport charts in 2008, and continued with remixes and releases for Synewave, Supdub, Swap, micro.fon, Prosthetic Pressings and Sleaze Records. In 2010, it will culminate with a tour across North and South America in the summer as well as with label nights with other labels like Sleaze in Berlin at the end of the year.

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Thomas A.S. Thomas A.S.
Thomas A. Signorelli, a.k.a. Thomas A.S., was born in the North of Italy in the Summer 1989. He discovered the world of House, Deep and Electronic Music at the age of sixteen. For many years, he's been going from club to club to listen to various artists and observe performances to learn the music and the basics of this art. His passion grew from this moment forward and in a short time, he succeeded in joining the world of the nightlife.

In the beginning of 2011, he met Massimo Cassini (owner of Medicine Musique) and a few months later, he became the Second Owner of the Label. There started his rise as a professional.

Keyzee Keyzee
David K. aka Keyzee was born 1984 in Pritzwalk, a small town between Berlin and Hamburg. He started with hip-hop music at the age of 14.

In the year 2000 he have heard the track "live on earth" by Latex, that was the begining of electronic and techno music for him and he found his way there. At this time Keyzee produces his own tracks in his home studio, and works as a dj on private parties.

Keyzee's favorite artists are Mollono Bass, Oliver Schories, Magda, David Mayer, Rundfunk 3000, Gui Boratto, and many others.

Grumpy Grumpy (LQD)
Grumpy (LQD) is the alter ego of Hector De Marchena, mastermind, founder and head honcho behind Liquid Inc and its Digital Music Labels. Having been a huge music junkie all of his life and a "closet" beat-matcher for many years and a passion for more specifically the Underground Electronic Dance Music he decides to take action in a time where the industry is over saturated with commercialism and join in the imprints he founded to also avidly develop, promote and contribute with quality productions along with the up-and-coming talents that are part of his crew. Together they pursue their passion of Electronic Music and showcase their unique devotion for this branch of the music industry.
With his roots coming from the Dutch Caribbean Islands of Curacao &' Aruba, its easy to understand why he is driven by anything that has a Groove. His obsession and attraction to anything that combines all that is percussion, swinging bass lines and deep organic sounds, all of which are found in every day life and form life's Groove, is the best way to understand he is as a producer and individual.
Currently based out of Miami where he runs and further develops the imprints he founded, along with fine-tuning his production & mixing skills; It is here where finds his inspiration and continues his effort to supply this ever growing and evolving industry with quality EDM production reflecting his passion, mood and emotions resulting in organic and luscious underground original productions without boundaries.
Staying true to what is known to be his battle cry and mission statement…..."Keep LOUD & Underground"

Thee-O Thee-O
Thee-O has always been ahead of his time, as a DJ, label owner, producer, and a re-mixer. He has been heralded as one of the most popular and hardworking DJ's in Los Angeles. Thee-O has been deemed the Godfather of the dance culture due to his longevity as a L.A. DJ since 1992. A musical entertainer since he was in pre-school, a mobile DJ since he was 13, a king of Goa and a Master of Trance and Techno in his twenties, and now a house-music veteran, DJ Thee-O of Los Angeles, radiates his musical mastery in the global electronic scene.
"It's hard to believe that one DJ can exude such confidence and mastery over so many styles of music." – URB Magazine
The name Thee-O has an immense impact on the electronic scene-sters that goes hand-in-hand with the Southern California rave and club culture. Ask anyone who resides in L.A. about DJ Thee-O and you will hear how they saw him at their first rave back in the early 90s or how they just heard his new track being dropped in a club downtown. Thee-O's passion for the electronic dance culture surpasses his talent and skills at the turntables and beyond to the studio.
Thee-O is best known for his talented mixing and scratching skills along with his consistent sets that always get the crowds moving and grooving. His loyal following continues to grow not only in the city of L.A. but beyond the U.S., with help from his numerous amount of original music productions, MP3 Sets, pod-casts, CD's, mix tapes, and his untiring efforts for the dance music industry that he loves so much. His DJing has taken him to 3 countries, 30 states and over 75 cities. Soon he will be traveling abroad to even more locations to spread his passion for the music.

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Magdalena Magdalena
Magdalena, Colombian artist who grew up surrounded by music and arts, her grandfather Jorge Camargo Spolidore, was a big composer and musician and this has pass on through generations, her father gave her the first steps into piano and then she started to show her own curiosity for music. when she was 10 years old, became part of the school chorus, even being a really shy girl she developed singing skills and a deep love for "the stage". Always following underground and industrial sounds she founded a hard attraction for percussion what made her start playing drums with a punk band at the age of 15.A few years after got herself into electronic music and started "djing". With a few months of learning under the guide of Fabio Alzate, she was invited to a couple of tv shows and started djing at underground parties. Not too much time till she made people notice her, and became resident of "69" by "La Sala", resident of Cha Cha Club, one of the most important clubs in Latin America, finalist of the second edition of "Heineken Thirst" and winner of "Nokia Contest" what gave her the chance to play at "Nokia Trends" of 2005 (Moby, Darren Emerson and Ferry Corsten). With no management at all, just with her sound, her music and her technique, she became one of the most important djs of Colombia and she is recognized in South America, after playing at Rotofest, Chongon Parade, and more parties and festivals in Ecuador. Artists like John Creamer, Marco Bailey, Tonio Barrientos, Fabio B Energy and more, who have shared scene with her, have supported and have made really good comments about her set.She lives between singing and Djing, has made vocals for artists like Cates&Dpl (USA), Gulio Maddaloni (Italy), Alex E (Argentina), Cute Heels (Colombia), Electroboy (Colombia).The single "Magdalena" with Cates&Dpl appeared on the "Azuli presents..." by D. Ramirez. Lead vocals on Telequinetics (Colombian postpunk band), former of the experimental project "Alice in..." and now she is working on her first album as a solo artist. Her mixes are a combination of techno, minimal and experimental and industrial sounds.