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Drops is the second of three dynamic Electronic Music Label by Liquid Media based in the sunny locations of Miami (USA) & Aruba (Dutch Caribbean).
Drops is Techno & Minimal Flag Ship devoted to searching, signing, developing and promoting producers whose passion instills pushing the envelope by producing cutting edge, innovative and intelligent music, essential characteristics found in all great artists in the EDM Industry.
Already with some of the most talented and fast rising artist of the industry signed to the label, it promises to be a solid contributor to the Electronic & Dance Music Industry...
Drops will constantly continue to explore, challenge and push the boundaries of this ever growing and evolving genre while keeping up with the highest standards in quality set forth by the industry.
  • Aleja Sanchez - Emergency (Memnok Remix)
  • Diwex - The Juice (Beat Syndrome Remix)
  • Gimli - My Boots (Original Mix)
  • Killpixxie - Rural Roads (Original Mix)
  • Nikkolas Research - Secret Box (Original Mix)
  • Shawn Rubens - February (Original Mix)
  • Shawn Rubens & Arthur Moret - Slaapgebrek (Original Mix)
  • Shawn Rubens & Clarence Brandon - When Fire Meets Ice (Anton Stellz Remix)


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LQDD0138   Curt Cream - Detuned
Genre: Minimal,
Release Date: Feb 03 2014

1 Curt Cream - Alone (Original Mix)
2 Curt Cream - Bad Octave (Original Mix)

Supports by (No Particular Order) Marco Carola, Barry Jamieson, Franco bianco, Ozgur Uzar, Dela, James Warren, Paco Osuna, Eike Voigt, Aerodynamic Xpress, Blusoul, Wender A, Anna Maria X, Brett Johnson, Daniel Sanchez, Jonny Cruz, Nik Ros, Arturo Silvestre (Italy), Gai Barone, Smoke Sykes, X-Press 2 and many more. For Complete List, click here.

Mastering: Liquid Studios
Cover Art: Liquid Designs
A&R: Liquid Media

Release Info:

Our net release is one that we are really exited to present to our following, its by a producer who first came on our radars through one of this labels most respected artist. Hailing from the land of boundary pushing Minimal, we welcome German producer Curt Cream with his stellar debut single 'Detuned'

It was through his releases in Eike Voigt's label Inversion when we first got acquainted with Curt Creams work, a Minimal so exquisite, bordering the sub genre of Micro House (Fusion of Deep House and Minimal) that made us approach this down to earth producer and explore the opportunity for him to release his work in our Techno & Minimal flagship imprint.

IT is quite transparent why Curt Cream's production have this gravitational pull if you are an avid minimal or deep house aficionado, as not only does he convey his emotion and idea through his music in a captivating manner, but also his impeccable composition while initially seeming simple, has a complexity in thought and delivery not frequently found of late in productions where the addition of as many elements has become the norm. Curt Cream takes us and reminds us that less is more and also effective when wanting to deliver a certain idea in a clean and clear manner.

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